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    Frequently answered questions

    This page answers all the questions we hear the most from our customers.

    Questions about Marmelade Cat Skins and their installation

    A Skin is an ultra-precise vinyl for your device. It protects your device from scratches with minimal changes in ergonomics. You can choose from a variety of designs.

    You don't have to be afraid of the installation, just have a look at our installation video here. If you have any questions, our support is here to help you.

    Some of our skins were not designed by us, but by our suppliers 3M and Orafol. These companies do not sell the vinyl exclusively to us. However, we manufacture all our skins in Frankfurt, which guarantees a very good fit and support.

    Even if some designs look identical, this does not mean that you receive the same product in the end. We add air channels to some vinyls - for example Hive. Other designs - like Siargao or Vortex - are created by us and are exclusively available in our store.

    We are not aware of any accessories that could not be used after the installation of a skin. The Apple Pencil continues to charge on the side of an iPad and the Wireless Charging function of an iPhone is not affected. All normal cases will fit over our skins as well

    Yes, of course. If you want to remove the skin again, you can simply peel it off. In rare cases there will be minimal adhesive residue left behind, but this can be easily removed with a cleaning cloth.

    Yes and no. Theoretically, the skin has a memory function and returns to its original state after being heated by a fan. However if you want to use the Skin several times, you should be very careful and slow when removing the Skin, so that the material does not tear.


    No, in case of rain or other contact with water you don't need to be afraid that the skin will come off. However, we recommend you to avoid any contact with water for the sake of your device.

    Don't worry! It happens quite often that waves appear during the application of the flaps. If they cannot be removed by heating them with the hairdryer and rubbing them with the microfiber cloth, we recommend that you remove the flap from the corner and reattach it.

    Our Skins are extremely durable and shouldn’t break of you follow our instructions

    If your skin has been damaged by the installation nonetheless, we will send you a replacement. More information about the installation warranty can be found here.

    Questions about checkout and shipping

    We try to ship orders before 12 noon on the same working day. We currently ship exclusively with Deutsche Post, which advertises 93% delivery on the next working day. 

    We try to make the buying process in our store as comfortable as possible and support a variety of different payment methods:

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    If your preferred payment method is not available, please contact us. We might be able to integrate your payment method.


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