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    Just received your Marmelade Cat Skin or Screen Protector and wondering how to apply it to your device? Don't worry, it's not difficult! We'll show you how it's done.

    iPhone Skin Instructions (from iPhone 12 onwards)

    iPhone Skin Instructions (up to iPhone 11)

    Nature iPhone Skin Instructions

    Spidersaver Pro Screen Protector Instructions

    For the installation of the Marmelade Cat SpiderSaver Pro, choose a room with as little dust as possible (e.g., a bathroom).

    First, clean the display of any impurities using the provided alcohol cleaning wipe, then dry the display with the microfiber cloth.

    If you can see dust particles on the display, remove them using the blue film by lifting the dust off with the sticky side.

    Separate the SpiderSaver Pro from the backing film and align the glass centrally on your iPhone display. After a light press in the center of the glass, it will adhere to the display on its own.

    Hybrid Case Instructions

    Hybrid Case Skin Instructions

    Android Instructions

    iPad Instructions

    MacBook Instructions

    Apple Watch Instructions

    A preliminary installation guide is already available. Click here for the guide.

    The video tutorial for Apple Watch Skins will be available here soon. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Click here for the contact form.