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    Become an Ambassador

    It is great to see your interest in our Ambassador program! 🎉

    What does an Ambassador do? 

    • As an Ambassador you will represent the Marmelade Cat community and will be recording your genuine opinion in regards to our products.🎥
    • You are not required to purchase any professional equipment, your smartphone camera does the job.📱
    • During your cooperation with us you will not only receive free Marmelade Cat products but also get discount codes for you and friends. 😍

    Got curious? This is how you can become our next Ambassador:

    • Record a short video (30 Sekunden - 2 Minuten) in portrait mode.🤳
    • Your face as well as our product must be fully visible.
    • Make sure that there is enough light. 💡
    • Stay genuine when talking about features, designs and other things you enjoy in regards to our products. 🥳
    • Show full motivation and enthusiasm 💪
    • Simply send us your final video per Email: ambassadors@marmeladecat.com 📧

    We will then carefully review your video. Within the next few weeks we will let you know wheter you made it into the program.😊


    Any questions? Just contact us.